About QR
Health Solutions

QR Health Solutions is a modern Centre of excellence for advanced cell therapy and regenerative medicine offers leading methods of stem cell therapy.

We engaged the best international partners and the most respected Ukrainian medical institutions that gives us an opportunity to offer full-scale examination, application of advanced cell therapy methods and long-term follow-up.

Center of Excellence

Our story starts from “Hemafund”, a family cord blood bank, in 2005. Preserving priced biological materials, cells and tissues of our clients’ new-born to be used in future for diagnostic and therapeutically means. From this time we had successful applications in a partnership with leading international medical institutions, clinics and scientific medical centers.

Centre of excellence for advanced cellular therapy and regenerative medicine combines:

  • cryo-biobank of cord blood and other human cells and tissues,
  • clinical diagnostic laboratory for testing biological materials and quality control,
  • the industrial scale manufacturing facility for cell and cell derived products,
  •  clinical trials unit,
  •  stem cell therapy facilities.

Our priorities

QR Health Solutions designed as international healthcare platform for the best medical practices. That means, we have such an exceptional opportunity to work with different cell based products in the different stage of development, and to engage doctors, experts and partners from all over the world.

Our priorities are quality, legality and ethical values ​​at all levels in our practice and for all procedures. We based on specialized national regulation, dedicated license for cryo-bank of cord blood and other human cells and tissues, provides us an opportunity to:

  • perform treatment with the use of cells, tissue and derived products;
  • develop Local Clinical Protocols;
  • apply “Fast track” like procedure;
  • operate as Center of Excellence for advanced cell therapy methods.

Here, In QR Health Solutions, we believe that personalized approach is the main mean for the future.




Education: National Medical University of O. Bogomolets in 2000, Kyiv, Ukraine Specialization: management and organization of health care, therapy. General practice: family medicine, ultrasound diagnostics, psychophysiology, narcology, transfusiology. Medical experience 20 years, general medical practice - 29 years.

Serhii Isaev

Chief Medical Officer


Education: 2013 P. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, neurosurgeon. 2018, A. Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, neurosurgery. Scientific work: co-author of 4 textbooks, 23 scientific works, 9 patents of Ukraine for utility model.

Taras Petriv

PhD, Neurosurgeon


Education: Kharkiv State Medical University in 2005 Scientific work: November 2019 took part as delegate to the IX Congress of Endocrinologists of Ukraine. Specialization: medical practice, has 1st qualification category in the specialty "Endocrinology". General medical practice - 20 years.

Ludmyla Rudchenko



Education: National Medical University of O. Bogomolets, Kyiv, Ukraine. Specialization: cardiology. Scientific work and interests: implementation of the latest technologies in cardiology and cardiac surgery, emergency medicine at the pre-hospital stage, recovery after cardiac surgery.

Oleksandr Riznyk